Respect One Another

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Last Sunday (June 2), the sermon was on this topic of respecting one another – a practice that is absolutely crucial to building community.  We choose to respect each other because we are all made in God’s likeness.

In the 1st century, most people viewed slaves as nonpersons with no rights.  But followers of Jesus (particularly Peter and Paul) told their communities they were not to treat anyone that way. Followers of Christ are not to discriminate against any class of people because of race, nationality, or economic status. We choose to show proper respect to everyone as individuals made in the image of God.

Top 10 List of Ways We Disrespect Another

  • 10. Rolling your eyes and saying “Whatever.” (Tell me you did just roll your eyes after reading that.)
  • 9. Talking negatively about a person behind their back.
  • 8. Breaking up with your girlfriend on Facebook. (Hey, it happens.  And it’s really disrepectful.)
  • 7. Shouting at your children. (Instead, stoop down to their level and speak eye-to-eye.)
  • 6. Giving the finger to another driver who cut you off. Being critical of another’s driving. (Winnipeg drivers, this one’s for you!)
  • 5. Ignoring another person.
  • 4. Asking someone to do something then doing it yourself.
  • 3. Complaining about your husband to your friends. (And vice versa – replace “husband” with “wife”.)
  • 2. Texting when someone is talking to you. (Contrary to popular practice, this is not respectful.  It’s like whispering to someone in front of someone else.)
  • 1. Interrupting when another is talking. (This is number one, because the best way to show respect to another is simply by listening.)

Jeff Winger’s Speech on Respect

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