Josh Gaudreau – enCompass Pastor

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Josh is just a regular guy trying to follow God in the power of the Spirit. He loves to read, have good discussions over coffee, and play board games that sometimes hurt his brain, but often entail lots of laughter all around. You can find him on twitter (@JoshGaudreau), or check out his blog where he sporadically posts, Stumbling Zombie.

Deyi Wei – Lead & Mandarin Pastor


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Carmen Fischer – Children & Youth Pastor


Carmen definitely landed her dream job when she joined the team! That’s because this job allows her to work with youth and children. It also allows her to build relationships as she encourage the children, youth, and their families in their faith as they grow closer to Jesus. Carmen loves to read, but also enjoys a great games night with friends. If you ever want to spoil her, go for coffee! She loves coffee!

You can find her on twitter (@carm_fischer), or check out her blog that is randomly updated at (

Llew Bridges – Custodian

Not Llew, but just as camera shy (used with his  permission)

Llew is one of the best guys anyone could know. Though quiet and unassuming, he is humble, hardworking, and not daunted by even the toughest of jobs. Llew has a true servant’s heart and we are exceedingly fortunate to have him with us.

Yue (Yolanda) Ma – Administrative Assistant

Yolanda loves to travel and read, and enjoys movies, music and puzzle games. In addition, various delicacies and interesting things also attracted her. Her rational and mature exterior hides a positive and curious soul which make her relish challenges. During Christmas of 2016, Yolanda received salvation and was baptized at Winnipeg Chinese Alliance Church. Since then, there has been a vitality and joy in her life through the Gospel. Grateful for the gifts and calling of God, Yolanda started to serve in the Mandarin group of the church just after her baptism. In August 2017, God led her to be the Administrative Assistant at WCAC.